L5-11 林皮工作室

插畫品牌的由來:在一次接觸將近結業的老舖時,不捨得其中一幅舊風景畫變為垃圾,林皮隨意在上面畫了一位角色,這就是女飛賊的誕生的一刻(此畫名為《偷來的風景》)。女飛賊蘇飛,可穿梭不同空間,流連於舊物中尋找寶物,希望令人學懂愛惜。2012年於APM商場展出「復活節蘇飛夢幻樂園」;2013年獲邀於始創中心商場展出「蘇飛中秋星際遊樂園」;同年正式成立插畫品牌Flying Sofye,以小量生產經營品牌。2014年「Flying Sofye」獲選『中華區最佳品牌插畫獎』季軍。
Origins of the brand: While visiting an old store that was about to be closed down, Lam Pei saw a landscape painting being thrown away. Instead she took the painting home and casually drew a character on it, and that was how Flying Sofye was born (Lam Pei later named the work “Stolen Landscape”). Sofye travels between different space and time to find treasures among discarded items, hoping people can learn how to cherish.
About Lam Pei
In 2012, Lam Pei was invited to exhibit her works in “The Easter Paradise of Thief Sofie” at APM shopping mall, and to the next year, her new works were exhibited in “The Autumn Star Playground of Flying Sofye” at Pioneer Centre (2013). In 2011, she ran the celebration of the retirement of Leung Wun Kee and was highly recognized. She got a Certification of Excellence at the First Greater China Illustration Awards in 2009.
工作室售賣自家商品,本地製造,手工縫製,Totebag, 貼紙, 小本漫畫, 萬用卡, 明信片, 布公仔, T-shirt, etc...

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