Resistance to C-Virus 抗炎



***Due to the Corona virus crises in the world MOST has cancelled or postponed all exhibition events until further notice and then we will see how the situation develops. We hope that you are all well, take care of each other and that the crises will be a starting point some important and creative changes for the humankind and the planet.  (April 8, 2020)

(Jul 15, 2020)


***To ensure the health and wellbeing of our staff and guests, the following safety precautions during the opening: - Drinks and snacks will not be served - Hand sanitiser will be provided at reception for visitors to use - Visitors are asked to wear a mask and have their temperatures checked upon arrival at the gallery. - We kindly ask those who is experiencing a fever or have traveled within the past 14 days to refrain from joining the event - In keeping with social distancing guidelines, we request guests do not congregate in groups of more than 4 while in the gallery  

(Exhibition will possibly resume on May 1, 2020)



Resistance beyond words, language or conventional means can be poetic and abstract, satirical and humorous. The power of resistance embraces thought-philosophy, live and durational actions against the cultural mainstream and traditional orthodoxy. More importantly, it is alternative and retreating, displaying the prestige of quiet struggle, reputed opposition and social distancing with no compromise. 


A great many photographers in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong in the last twenty years have long engaged their experimental works with an instinct for willful controversy and alternative dimensions. Rested in peace, their intoxicating images release a strong sense of disturbance and uncertainty. Eclectically rich in fantasy, parody and art-historical references, photographic works of Cui Xiu Wen 翟岫聞, Yao Jui Chung 姚瑞中, Alfred Ko Chi Keung 高志強, Ma Jiang 馬健, Cang Xin 蒼鑫, Dai Guangyu 戴光郁, Shao Yin Ong, Hung Hao 洪浩, Ni Wai Hua 倪衛華, Zeng Tu 曾途, Yu Ji 玉溪, Yang Zhichao 楊子超, Di Naozhuang 邸乃肚, Ye Shuang Gui 葉雙貴, Vincent Yu 余偉健, Birdy Chu 朱迅, Michael Wolf, Simon Go 吳文正 are exhibited. Their collected works branched out from artists' performances and for years they hinge on some hidden agends and private platforms beyond those of the prevailing mainstream or institution. 


Appointment is a must for docent support and the project will be close immediately without further notice, if the C-19 virus derived from China becomes a sychronized globalization in the city.


Works are also for sale in the gallery MOST after the exhibition. 


Curartor: Andrew Lam

Venue: Gallery MOST

Tel: 852-9802-9440