【JCCAC藝術節2018】Everyday Object Ensembles: Body Capacitance

日期︰14/12/2018 13/1/2019

時間︰10:00 – 22:00
地點︰L6 公共空間   

參與藝術家/藝團許方華L7-10 Phoebe Hui Studio 



Everyday Objects Ensemble is an installation exploring the ideas of indeterminacy and post-humanist performativity, a hybrid of concert, performance and art installation.


The present project is an ongoing experiment about the interconnection between sound and gesture, and about the materiality of sound making. It takes the form of a conductive ink instrument consisting of a drawing table and a wooden bench. The design of this instrument allows more than one player to perform with it at the same time. The drawing table instrument applies the capacitance of the human body to affect the creation of sound, so that the physical mass and moisture of different audiences generate different sound.


註:原定展覽作品似乎擺動.鋼琴譯本由於清關問題導致運送延遲,是次展覽將改為展出作品Everyday Object Ensembles: Body Capacitance。而原定於12月13日晚上7時至8時舉行的表演In-between / The Chaos將會取消。