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3D modelling usually conjures up images of engineers using computer aided design. 3D modelling has revolutionised both design and engineering. However, it is slowly becoming more mainstream, as new tools which are free or at least affordable are introducing a new set of consumers to 3D modelling. Some of these mainstream applications are applications.


3D 建模通常會讓人想起使用電腦設計工程師。 3D 建模徹底改變了設計和工程。 然而,隨著免費或至少負擔得起的新工具正在將 3D 建模引入新的消費者群體,它正在慢慢變得更加主流。

3D printing has been a slow revolution. It initially started off with businesses but is slowly becoming a consumer revolution. And as 3D printer prices come down, more regular people will use them.  Everything from Hollywood to the gaming industry and even publishing use 3D modelling to entertain people. All media sectors use 3D modelling in some way. In publishing, advertising and marketing it is used to highlight new products .


3D列印是一場緩慢的革命。 它最初始於企業,但又慢慢成為一場消費者革命。 隨著 3D 列印機價格的下降,更多的普通人將會使用它們。另外好萊塢到遊戲產業,甚至出版業,一切都使用 3D 建模來娛樂人們。 所有媒體部門都以某種方式使用 3D 建模。 在出版、廣告和行銷中,它被用來突出新產品。

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