L2-13 當下藝術工作室

Philippe CHARMES,巴黎畫家,法國斯特拉斯堡國立美術學院碩士。曾任中國天津國立美術學院外籍專家。現於香港開設畫班。

Philippe Charmes is a painter from Paris. Graduated from National Art College of France, worked as foreign expert in TianJin Acadamy of Fine Arts. He exhibited in Europe and Asia. Now teaching life drawing in HongKong.



Wong Wai Yim lives & works in Hong Kong & Paris. She had a Master’s Degree of Art in National Art College of France ; since then, she worked as Professor and Dean in TianJin Acadamy of Fine Arts, and worked as art lecturer in Hong Kong since 2005, and exhibited in different countries.