L6-15 Karen Aruba Studio x Ebriel Studio

EBriel Studio - Elizabeth Briel 伊麗莎
Karen Aruba Sparrow Performance Studio
The studio was jointly established by illustrator Zhang Kaixin and hand-carved sparrow artisan Zhang Chengzhong, their father and daughter, to inherit the Hong Kong hand-carved sparrow culture and crafts with the unique story of "Sparrow Showing Art".
Combining the illustration story with the family's sparrow carving craftsmanship, with more than 40 years of experience in hand-carved sparrow master Zhang's hand-carved mahjong plaque, incorporating the fashionable style and creativity of illustrator Karen Aruba (pseudonym), he has been committed to improving Hong Kong's hand-carved sparrows in recent years. The international image of craftsmanship gives sparrows new value from an artistic point of view, inherits Hong Kong culture with refreshing designs, uses technology to continue life and promotes the conservation of sparrows to create "intangible cultural heritage" projects.
The studio provides workshops, sparrow creative small gifts and home life products display. Welcome to make an appointment to enjoy Master Zhang's craftsmanship (Saturday afternoon).
Karen Aruba Art
Tel: 9876 3279 (whatsapp)
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